Climate Change Has Been A Hot Debate Among Politicians, Industry Experts And Scientists

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Climate change has recently been a hot debate among politicians, industry experts and scientists, in particular after Paris agreement on Dec 2015. This agreement sets out a global action plan to limit global warming below 2 degree centigrade by reducing carbon emission (European Commission 2015). Fossil fuel combustion is the most important player in carbon emission, although certain industrial processes and land-use changes have some contribution (Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2016). Therefore; it is believed that fossil fuel is one of the major parameters that plays a significant role in climate change. In this regard, Australia’s domestic emission is estimated to be approximately one and a half million tonnes per day, which means 73 kilograms per capita (Holmes2014). Compared to European Union, China and the world average with 27, 21 and 18 kg per capita carbon emission, Australia stands asa one of the highest levels in the world. It seems that the Australian government needs to launch a plan to reduce the carbon emission by a steady decrease in fossil fuel consumption.
Despite blaming the fossil fuel due to its significant role in climate change and its consequences, fossil fuel in any form, coal, oil and natural gas have undeniably been the major energy source for technology developments since the industrial revolution era. Therefore, to reduce fossil fuel consumption, it is necessary to find out potential alternatives. There are some realistic options compatible with…

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