Essay Climate Change : Global Warming

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Climate change, once considered an issue for the distant future, has moved firmly into the present (Melillo, Richmond, & Yohe, 2014). According to Chip Fletcher, Hawaiʻi’s climate is changing in ways that are consistent with the influence of global warming. Fletcher states that air temperatures have risen, rainfall and stream flow have decreased, rain intensity sea level and sea surface temperatures have increased, and the ocean is acidifying (Flectcher, 2010, p. 171). If these trends continue, they can have serious impacts on Hawaiʻi’s natural resources, including water, forests, coastal communities, and marine ecology, all of which are necessary for the natural functions of our planet to maintain equilibrium to which all life is an integral part of. Fletcher does a great job in explaining the various natural phenomena that are affected by climate change. He demonstrates the dire situation we are in and clearly conveys the trends that have caused us to arrive at these climate problems. For example, Fletcher mentions how Hawaiʻi’s unique ecosystems and its diverse plants and animals are threatened by one of its most critical components—rain, which is impacted by the declining of base flow which is supplied by groundwater and maintains stream flows between periods of rainfall events. However, this process has been on the decline since the 1940’s and is threatened by rising air temperatures, and decreased rainfall and stream discharge, which are said to be exacerbated by…

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