Climate Change : Global Warming Essay

1194 Words Nov 6th, 2015 5 Pages
The world’s climate is changing, and the changes will have an enormous impact on our planet’s people, ecosystems, cities, and energy use. Now there is a difference between climate and weather. Climate describes the average or typical conditions of temperature, while weather describes the hourly or daily conditions that people experience each day. This is why it’s often said that “Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get.” The United States Global Change Research Program (which includes the Department of Defense, NASA, National Science Foundation and other government agencies) has said that "global warming is unequivocal and primarily human-induced" and that "climate changes are underway in the United States and are projected to grow."
Climate change is changing our economy, health and communities in diverse ways. Scientists warn that if we do not aggressively curb climate change now, the results will likely be disastrous. When climate change occurs, temperatures can increase significantly. When temperature rises, many different changes can occur on Earth such as: increase in floods, droughts, severe heat and rain. As a result of temperature change, oceans and glaciers have also experienced some changes such as: oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. As these changes occur, in the future, it will most likely become a threatening situation that will challenge us all as human beings. In order to survive, plants…

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