Climate Change : Global Warming Essay examples

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Weather is a day-to-day change in the atmospheric condition such as temperatures and humidity. The climate is the observed weather for an extended period hence it identifiable with specific locations. The climate system is made of the elements such as biosphere (living organisms), cryosphere (ice sheets, oceans, and atmosphere) and geosphere (rocks, soils, and sediments).All these factors influence the changes in the movement of heat on the environment, which leads to climate change. The oceans and lakes absorb carbon (IV) oxide, and the atmosphere is where the different gasses mix. Global climate change is the change in the typical pattern of the climates already established in various environment zones, for instances increase in the length of dry seasons. Global warming is the one principle factor of climate change. Global warming is the upsurge in the temperatures of the earth due to trapping of heat in the atmosphere. That said global warming seems to jeopardize almost everything from the extinction of animals, increase in floods, raise in sea water, melting of mountains glaciers and snow in the north and south pole (Hansen, Sato & Ruedy, 2012). Unfortunately, man seems to partake mostly in the climate change due involvement in the activities which escalates change in climate. Namely, climate changes are caused greenhouse gasses, land-use, Sulfate aerosols and black carbon. A comprehensive outline of the causes of the global warming and the resultant effects plus the…

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