Essay on Climate Change : Global Warming

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Climate change is a problem that the entire world is dealing with. As our planet warms our weather pattern continues to change towards a more severe path. Species are dying off as a result of the world warming up. Observing the pattern of the warming of the globe over the past 30 years has people asking the scientific question, is global climate change man-made? We are going to go over the natural causes of climate change, what is causing the process to speed up, and what the people of the planet can do to slow the process.
Global climate change is a natural process of our world. What happens is the sun brings its heat and energy into our climate system (Global Warming Facts and Our Future, 2011). The majority of the heat and energy is taken in by our oceans and land. What is not absorbed radiates away from the earths surface. Some of this energy and heat is then absorbed by the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and pushed back towards earth (Global Warming Facts and Our Future, 2011). What is not absorbed by these greenhouse gases are released into space. Other factors that play a role in the natural process of climate change are things such as our livestock, volcanoes, ocean current and solar variations.
Livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens help with climate change. In a published report dealing with this issue, Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang stated that livestock that is being raised for food account for about 50 percent of man-made greenhouse emissions (Causes of…

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