Climate Change Affect How We Will Live In The Present And Future

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Everything that we do on this planet can affect how we will live in the present and future. Throughout the years of developing a better world, we have also destroyed it in the process. As we continue to do our ways of inducing climate change, the outcome of a larger and a lot more dangerous disasters is inevitable. The world we may live in may change for the worst.
Climate change is a way of understanding how molecules can affect other molecules differently in an environment. This change can amount to the large amounts or shortage of one type of molecule that can alter how the climate would normally dissipate. The irregular climate can modify the temperature to either being cooler or hotter. This modification can erect weather that would
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Especially how their techniques on collecting natural gas and the process of refining the natural gas can change the people 's environment. When an oil pocket has been found underground on someone 's land, they would give a large sum of money to be allowed to mine it up. Once agreed to their terms and conditions, the natural gas company would start a technique called fracking. Fracking is a way of drilling into the ground and shooting water mixed with over 700 different kinds of chemicals to break down the ground. Cement walls would also be put into place underground as they are digging so the substances will not potentially go into a stream or aquifer. The used substances would not be used again and would be dumped at evaporation ponds so it can evaporate into the air. These ponds can be found away from any civilization but can run the risk of seeping into a riverbank or even into our air. This way of getting rid of the chemicals can be terrible for the air we breathe in and for the …show more content…
They have little to none contact with the outsiders, but recently had trouble with loggers, drug lords, industrial companies, and farmers cutting through their land. The Kogi calls everyone besides themselves young brothers. They think we have not yet learned the way of treating the planet with respect. They call themselves big brother because they think they can teach us the ways of respecting the planet. The Kogi do not want to be like a parent, but as a brother, we can all help each other out. The Kogi have been giving out warnings about how our modern ways is tarnishing the Earth. They believe that the Earth is a living being and humanity as its children. Twenty years ago, these people stepped out of hiding to speak out about how we are destroying the world. They asked for a filmmaker to send the word out. There has been ever more deadly and a greater number of catastrophes in the world. They did a second warning in hope that we can change our ways for the

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