Essay about Climate Change And The Global Warming

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Many effects of human induced climate change are poorly understood and the general argument of rising greenhouse gases due to human actions will cause global warming and any other climatic changes on earth. It is said that Australia is the 15th emitter of greenhouse gases and the 18th emitter of Co2 in the world. Australia is already feeling the consequences of more frequent and extreme weather. Australia’s global influence in averting these risks will depend on how effectively we implement policy solutions at home ("Lagging Behind: Australia and the Global Response to Climate Change", 2016).

This paper will critically discuss Australia’s responses to climate change caused by the actions of humans, increased activity of co2 admissions from burning fossil fuels, recent changes in Australia’s climate change and Australia’s renewable Energy.

Increased Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions began to rise nearly 200 hundred years ago and since the 19th century human induced Co2 emissions are released into the atmosphere faster then the lands biosphere can take up. On average over the last 50 years, 25% of Co2 emissions were absorbed into the ocean making it more acidic, 30% was absorbed into the land, which stimulated plant growth, responses to warming and rainfall changes. The other 45% accumulated in the atmosphere (Australian Academy of Science", 2016).
The main cause of Carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere is due the burning of fossil fuels and producing…

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