Essay on Climate Change And Structural Engineers

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Climate Change and Structural Engineers
The sun is the main source of energy to the planet and annually it supplies the earth with certain amount of energy. Some of this energy is reflected back to space directly, but the rest that enters the planets is either absorbed by the atmosphere and earth surface or reflected back to space. However some of the energy is trapped by the atmosphere to warm the earth’s surface in a natural way. This phenomenon is called the ‘The Greenhouse Effect’ which is caused by certain gases in the atmosphere known as ‘Greenhouse Gases’, such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4). These gases reflect energy back to earth not allowing its escape to space. However, if the concertation of the Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere increased, more energy will be trapped to heat the earth surface causing another phenomenon known as ‘Enhanced Global Warming’; this phenomenon causes the overall average temperature of the globe to increase in an unfavourable manner and can cause serious disasters such as melting of the ice poles. Due to anthropogenic forcing over the last century, carbon dioxide concertation showed a massive increase in rate causing it to become the main greenhouse gas which led to an increase of 0.85 degree Celsius in the overall average temperature of the globe. Although this change might appear tiny, but it has very significant effects since a change of two degrees to the average temperature of the globe increases chances of more intense…

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