Essay about Climate Change And Small Islands

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Climate Change in the relation to small islands (Intro?)
Raising sea levels would have particularly serious implications for small islands and atolls. (9)
Within the span of a single lifetime, islands which now support dense and vibrant populations could become too prone to climatic extremes to remain habitable. (9)
Some low-lying coral islands might even disappear completely beneath the surface of the sea (9)
What some people do on one side of the world has serious implications for the lives of others on the other side of the world (16)
Low-lying islands are acting as a kind of early warning system for global climate change (16)
Predicts a sea level rise over this century somewhere between 9 and 88 cm (16)
The everyday lives of those who live in affluent countries are entangled with the working lives of people in relatively poorer countries (24)
Every single unit of non-renewable energy that is consumed, anywhere in the world, makes a small cumulative addition to the planet’s overall energy budget, therefore, impacting on the global climatic system as a whole (24)
The energy consumed by the people of any one particular territory has an effect on every person in every territory across the planet’s surface (24)

Paragraph 1
The way people view nature - is mother nature really different from people ? nature is a social constructions
Nature creates hazards, but it is humans who create vulnerability.
Environmental Determinism – nature limits and shapes society (134)

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