Climate Change And Its Effects On The World And It 's Population

2198 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 9 Pages
Climate change is a major issue that has the ability to leave a lasting impact on the world and it’s population. This issue is heavily debated from a political standpoint with some thinking it does not exist or is not nearly as harmful as we think it is, and others believing we must act now to stop climate change or we will be doomed as a society. People tend to feel very strongly about this issue and when trying to combat this issue there are many variables that must be sorted out such as economic impacts, political ideologies and scientific theories. This is not an issue that faces just one country. Every country on in the world must work together to combat this problem, which is why progress is so difficult to achieve. An article from Fox News titled “Climate Change Chaos” discusses the theory that climate change may be a factor in creating the California wildfires. The article then goes in depth discussing what can possibly be done to stop climate change. The article quotes the research of Peter Morici who is a professor at the University of Maryland. Most of the information being presented in the article does not have to do with the climate change and the California wildfires but rather how China plays a significant role in causing climate change. The information being highlighted in the article is about how China is responsible for an 85% increase in harmful gas emissions. (O’Reilly, 2014) While the titled of the article is about climate change and the California…

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