Climate Change And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Our industrialized lifestyle leading to climate change is something we can adapt to, but it’s causing a change that the Coral Reefs are not acclimated to live in.The changes and industrializations we bring affects the climate. This problem has been named and clarified as climate change. Since the industrial revolution our climate has changed drastically. Industrial waste is now a necessary problem that collides with our daily life. This lifestyle can be too much for the fragile ecosystems our world holds. The rise of ocean acidification lowers the Ph level, which kills the coral that holds some of the most beautiful life.
The Scientist who researched Ocean Acidification left a great understanding to how carbon works with the sea. These studies only started in the twentieth century, when Moore et al studied the effect ways of acid on fertilized sea urchin eggs. Only in 1917 did McClendon show that the marine animals oxygen intake was affected by the Ph levels. The modern techniques and studies left to new research. In 1957 Revelle and Suess made a breakthrough when figuring out the uptake of anthropogenic CO2 decreases in the sea. Anthropogenic CO2 is a man made pollution that affects the greenhouse gases. To study the health of the ocean’s acidity and their pollution’s involvement in climate change, Brewer, in 1978 discovered to use alkalinity to study the atmospheric equilibration. These studies moved the running cause of fixing the ocean acidification problem. The…

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