Climate Change And Its Effects On Our Planet 's Ecosystem Essay

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The world’s climate is changing and the effects will have a great impact on our planet’s ecosystem, biodiversity, and people’s lives. To this day, the average air temperature is already 1.5 degrees than they were at the beginning of 20th century, and a rise of 1 degree in just over 30 years makes a big difference on our ozone. Climate change is a general term for a change in climate of a long time, climate having the long-term weather pattern of a geographical area: temperature and precipitation averages and extremes. When people today talk about climate change they usually refer to the present human-induced climate change caused by burning fossil fuels. Scientist prefer the term climate change instead of global warming because even though the general pattern is a warming, some areas are going to be much colder, and have very serious weather. By burning fossil fuels from industry, greenhouse gases (GHGs) are released. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas of concern, and the main problem I will be focusing on my essay, but before that I also want to point out other substance that are involve in global warming which is methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and ozone. These GHGs trap escaping energy emitted by the Earth and heat up the atmosphere, causing a general warming of the planet. However, there is a solution to slow climate change and enforce a limit to how much an industrialized corporations can burn GHG, and that is carbon trading. Humans have been burning fossil…

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