Climate Change And Its Effect On The World Essay examples

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Climate Change is Real
Half a century from now the planet will not be the same as it is today. With the effects of climate change increasing it is destined to negatively affect the world as we know it. Many factors from humans contribute to this global climate change. Starting with the burning of fossil fuels for energy, deforestation, and greenhouse gases increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These events are some of the main reasons for our current global climate change problems; to include sea levels rising, global temperatures rising, shrinking ice sheets, ocean acidification and extreme weather events. Without humans changing how they treat the environment the effects of climate change will only get worse. Climate change is real and negatively affecting many societies.
Climate change is a natural occurrence but it seems to be speeding up over the last few centuries. What could be causing some of these changes? Humans, since the industrial revolution time period, seem to be a main cause. Global warming is the name scientists have given to explain the overall warming of the earth. “If greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere in larger amounts much faster than before, then the warming will get much stronger and the climate will noticeably change” (Simon 6). Burning of fossil fuels for use in energy are releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, causing global temperatures to rise. “In 2014 we humans released a…

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