Climate Change And Health : What 's The Problem? Essay

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Climate Change and Carbon Emissions: An Annotated Bibliography
Anstey, Matthew HR. "Climate Change and Health - What 's The Problem?” Globalization and Health, vol. 9, 2013, pp. 1-4. ProQuest. Web. 29 Aug. 2016. In his article titled “Climate Change and Health – What’s The Problem?,” author and doctor Matthew HR Anstey examines the numerous negative effects global warming has on health, affirms the benefits of lessening or stopping global warming and manmade carbon emissions, and discusses the general sentiment of government, business, and society towards climate change. Additionally, he observes the multiple approaches for handling global warming, reviewing how they are reflected in general policy. Anstey begins by verifying the validity and occurrence of global warming, highlighting the monumental risk it poses to general health and safety. He states that despite its recalcitrant and split stature in politics, there is “resounding scientific consensus that global warming is occurring and is largely the result of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity,” and that greenhouse gas emissions are only continuing their ascent (Anstey 1).
Following this, he explains that global warming will generate an increased mosquito population and thus more cases of malaria, more cases of heatwave, heatstroke, and gastroenteritis, as well as “other climate sensitive infectious diseases” (Anstey 1). According to his sources in the World Health Organization, over five million disability…

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