Essay about Climate Change And Global Warming

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About 4.543 billion years ago, the earth was created. As the years went on, the earth started to support life. Anywhere from bacterias, insects, animals and humans started to prosper and this is becoming a problem for the earth 's life. As the earth starts to support more forms of lives, many of it resources are being used up and as a result problems starts to arise. Problems such as is there enough water, food and resource, have been a huge questions in the past. However, not until recently has anyone ever questioned the change of the climate and the effect it has both on the earth and humans. The reason many people did not question climate change and global warming is because people did not see a tremendous different in the temperature on earth. However, as the temperature started to rise slowly every day, it became hotter and many people realized that there was a problem. As of today, climate change is currently the biggest problem we as human being are facing. Climate change is already happening and is one of the greatest social, economic, and environmental threats facing the planet. However, climate change could be thwarted by looking at the history, evidence, causes,effects and the solutions of climate change. To pick up the scientific trail of what climate change is today, we need to travel back into time, to where it all started, the year 1712. During the year of 1712, there were many historical events taking place, event such as the New York Slave Revolt…

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