Climate Change And Global Warming Essay

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Most people have heard of the term, global climate change, or global warming. However, most have not put much thought into how it will affect their lives. The United States is the world 's largest emitter of CO2 in relation to its population, and yet people do not perceive it as an issue of great importance (Leiserowitz, 45). Answering questions about climate change will allow citizens to make informed decisions and proper changes in their lives. Americans must not allow political debates and influences to lead them into false conclusions. People need to see global climate change as a relevant problem because it will alter the balance of the earth 's ecosystems. First, it is important to have a clear idea of what global climate change is. Global climate change is the overall warming of the earth, happening at an increasing rate over an extensive period of time. This includes the decrease of snowfall, ice caps, and frozen ground, and is more than temporary fluxes in temperature. It is also important to understand that many scientists agree that this is caused by human activity, not natural causes. "The rate if warming during the latter period has been approximately double that of the first and, thus, greater than at any other time during the last 1,000 years (Walther, 389). This rise in temperature continues to climb and will have many adverse effects of the earth in time.

Already scientists have observed and measure the effects of global warming. Walther studied…

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