Essay on Climate Change And Global Warming

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Human are likely the reason to be blamed for the climate change that has been occurring since the rise of the industrial revolution. As we became more advanced, we began to release and emit an enormous amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, Nitrous oxide and many others. The emission of all of these gases has contributed to many environmental effects such as an increase in the overall temperature of the earth, which eventually lead to climate change and global warming. This climate change had an effect on animal activities such as birds. Climate change has contributed to very important changes in bird’s migration patterns and their ability to evolve under the new conditions. Birds tend to migrate seasonally, which means that they look for places that will best help their survivorship rates (Abraham J, 2008). The decision that those species make on when and where to migrate depends on some environmental changes in the place that tend to be living in. for example, studies have shown that there is a progressive delay in the changing of the color of the leaves. Some types of birds begin to migrate once they see changes of the color. However, birds are sensitive to any change of the temperature around them that it can lead to an unwanted outcome. When birds migrate too early or too late due to the change of the color of the leaves, the temperature in their migration routes might be different than the normal temperature that they are used to…

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