Client Servicing Industry Analysis

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Client Service Executive is the face of the agency for the client. He is the bridge between the client and the agency. The clients come with a problem and brief the client servicing person. It's his job to understand the brief and process it before forwarding it to the planning department. Along with the planning department, he will do a market analysis for the product or service to analyse market dynamics, target customers, their needs and behavioural patterns, the competing product, buying patterns of customers and various other market related factors.
6.1) Responsibilities of a Client Servicing Executive
• The client servicing executive is the point of contact in the agency for the client. He is responsible
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Advertising is very gruelling profession and it can specially be hard for people in client servicing as they have to handle pressure from both ends. They need to keep off client's pressure from the creative and the same time manage the immense and sometimes unreasonable pressure created within the creative team.
• As mentioned earlier, he should possess good managerial, presentation and exceptional communication skills
• It's important to maintain a good relation with the client even if you have to go out of your way to do that.
• Attend all meetings and share minutes of meeting with all present
• Always be presentable
• Client services managers need to be quick thinkers. Always on their toes in case a crisis happens.
• Be assertive enough to handle finacne. They have to deal with accounts department on both ends.

6.3) Steps in involved in doing client servicing is given below. o Brief from potential clients: The first step for the agency in any campaign. Once the client has identified a need for communication, it will call the agencies to brief them. Brief will contain details like,
• Name of the brand
• Name of the product
• Objectives of
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The creative team cracks an idea and develops it into a campaign communicating the decided message for its target audience. Once the creative is done, client shares it approval lack of which can result in redoing the entire assignment.
➢ Run Campaign: this involves releasing the final artworks in various formats according to the medium being used.
➢ Reports: the client servicing will combine various reports submitted by the vendots based on the running of the campaign. Reports show how many people clicked on the ads or total impression obtained.
➢ Optimization: If at any given point, client is unsatisfied by the campaign result, agency may make changes like improving the content quality, changing the vendor, selecting the new vendors..etc. for improving the effectiveness and to achieve objectives.
➢ Review of Campaign: Once the campaign ends it important to gauge its effectiveness in the market. It helps in deciding the future course of action for both the client and the agency.
➢ Bills: In this step vendors will submit bills to agency. Agency will compile all the bills in to one bill and forward to clients. Billing process will be once in a

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