Client Has History Of Violence Essay

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Mrs. Meariam is 51 year old single mother, domiciled in the Bronx, was self-employed for several years, with her medical history of schizophrenia, client has history of violence.

Me: Hello Ms. Meariam, I’m a nursing student.
D.M.: `` how do you know my name, are you Mary? You look like someone I know.’’

Me: ``sometimes I can image people names just by looking at their face.’’
D.W. so are you a psychic?
Me: `` kind of.’’

Me: ``So can I ask you how long you have been here?’’
D.M.: ``I’ve been here for two months and half.’’

Me: ``How did you come to be in here?’’
D.W: `` I was feeling like I couldn’t deal with my life, I just found that my child was switched at birth, and that someone stole my identity. My son is the one that called the police, then I was brought here.’’

Me: ``what was happening in your life at the time you couldn’t deal with.’’
D.M.: ``I couldn’t sleep for days sleep for days switched at birth here at Bellevue hospital.”

Me: ``So what help are you getting here?’’
D.M.: ``I’m finally getting some help and medicine, so I’m feeling a lot better. ``I don’t feel depressed, hopeless, and I’m not suicidal.’’

Me: ``What medicine are you receiving?’’
D.W.: ``Trazadone it makes me sleepy.’’

Me: ``what are you going to do if you feel your anger getting out of control.’’
D.M.: ``I will continue attending meetings, talking to these people and taking my medicine, that helps me a lot’’.

Me: ``are you taking any medicine for anything like for voices or…

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