Client Education : A Professional Nursing Responsibility That Can Foster Empowerment

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According to Kozier et al (2014), client education is a professional nursing responsibility that can foster empowerment, improve health outcomes, and enhance the nurse-client therapeutic relationship. The goal of this teaching assignment is to provide Mrs. X with education about prevention of foot complications as well as diabetic diet. We decided to do this teaching because of three findings. Upon assessing him it was noted that he walks around his room with bare feet and he stated, “I always walk barefoot at home”. During a family visit, it was noted that his family brought him home cooked meals as well as snacks such as chips and chocolate milk, which he had eaten. He also stated “I never check my feet – what am I checking for?” His blood glucose levels have been consistently high since admission (between 9.0-12.8 mmol/L) and he stated that his blood sugars are always high at home. Mr. X has verbalized and demonstrated a lack of knowledge about foot care and dietary management for diabetics. Additionally, upon asking him if he would like some education about diabetes management, he expressed that he would like to learn something new. The following paper will present an analysis of his data, a discussion of the teaching plan that was implemented for him, an evaluation and a self-reflection of the teaching plan process.
Data Base Mr. X is a 67 years old male admitted to the medical unit approximately one week ago for exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease…

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