Clery Act Essay

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In 1990, President George W. Bush signed into law the Clery Act. This Act requires that higher education institutions submit yearly data to the DoE regarding designated crimes on campuses. A recent study found that universities reported approximately 44% more rapes during their audit period. After their audit period, these numbers dropped to an almost indistinguishable number. The sexual assault reports at Penn State between the 2010 and 2012 audit increased 1389% (Yung 4). The DoE is looking for ways in which to increase the number of reported rapes in between campus audits. First, currently being considered in a bipartisan bill before Congress, the DoE should be authorized to issue much larger fines for Clery Act violations. Second, the …show more content…
Everything in modern society glorifies and justifies this type of behavior. Everyone is afraid of the wrong ideas. They are more afraid of a stranger hurting their child when, in reality, the people close to them are more likely to commit the offense. People believe the words being said over the actions being committed because “logic wouldn’t stand in the way of a great speech” (“Culture of Fear”). Society needs to get rid of the ideology of “machismo” - the idea that men must always be sexually aggressive. As long as sex is seen as a dirty and violent act involving the domination of a man over a woman, rape will continue to be a prevalent occurrence. Rape doesn’t have to occur. Its presence is an indication of how widely held, and strongly enforced, society’s traditional views are. Women are expected to adopt patriarchal views of society instead of a domination of both sexes. They are taught to live in fear rather than fight for change. If this mindset continues, a Rape Culture will never deteriorate in prevalence,
Rape is seen as a way of getting even. It is a process of intimidation in which men can keep women in a stage of fear. The victims are told that if they are raped it is because they didn’t resist enough, but if she resists and is further assaulted she is blamed for bringing about her own

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