Clermont Elementary School Case Study

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Clermont Elementary School is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and is part of Fairfax County Public Schools. Clermont’s mission is “using a professional learning community to create a safe learning environment that ensures high academic achievement for all students by offering them a rigorous and relevant education supported by relationships” (Clermont Elementary School, 2015). Based on the statistics found on the Fairfax County Public Schools, Clermont hosts 532 students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. Of the 532 students, only 91 receive free and reduced lunch according to the school profile. There are several ethnicities that make up the student body: White (non-Hispanic), African American (non-Hispanic), Asian, Hispanic, and …show more content…
First, the principal and a special education teacher visited another school to see how math instruction was taught to students with disabilities. The school they chose to visit was a nearby school that had a similar population. Also, the students with disabilities did well on the math SOL. After meeting with the principal and special education chair at that school, Clermont’s special education team realized that they were doing the same things; however, were not getting the same results. Next, Clermont’s administration decided to try Math Workshop for large and small group instruction in hopes that it would boost testing results. Math workshop, or guided math, is very similar to what we do for language arts which is guided reading. Math workshop is a structure used to allow teachers to strategically place students into math groups as they work a set of activities that relate to the similar math content. The course for math workshop was offered in February 2016, and was not mandatory for all teachers to attend. For that reason, only two out of 5 special education teachers attended the training, and only one of the special educators work in grades 3-6. Of the 10 general education teachers in grades 3-6, only grades 3, 4, and 6 attended the courses. No one from the 5th grade team attended nor did either of the 2 ESOL teachers. After private conversations with my principal, she and I determined that the next course of action would be to implement co-teaching along with Math Workshop and Guided

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