Clendin Case Analysis Essay

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OD Session 6: John A. Clendenin/ Xerox Case

Introduction (from John A. Clendenin Case):
Clendenin’s father was black army officer then draftsman in aviation industry, mother was from Germany
In 1960, father lost job and Clendenin was moved from Long Island to Queens to get welfare; was in culture shock and had to fight for themselves
Went to Brooklyn Tech, a special city high school then to State Univ. of NY in Fredonia
Tried to change habits, made varsity cross-country team and was placed in scholarship
Majored in childhood education and socially active, became kindergarten teacher in Bronx
Enlisted in Marines a year later, progressed through the ranks and realized that he was smart and athletic as anyone else
Left marines in
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one badmouth can kill you)
“The quality of your attitude is as important as the quality of your work”; he had additional appraisal forms for his group which helped him spot potential problem relationships on the top team
He felt that the workplace should be conducive to helping employees achieve what they want; encouraged community activities as long as they were getting the stuff done
“Leadership involves the ability to create and manage tension, but be approachable”
How others saw the group; diverse and good (Xerox mgr.), pleased with how they were treated (customers), hard to see concrete results to justify the x5 growth (user)

Comments about Clendenin as a Mgr
His mgmt. approach elicited strong reactions from those who worked within MDC:
Building trust and managing conflict:
Clendenin uses psychological skills but don’t feel it’s manipulative because it’s genuine, trust him to do the right thing for MDC, he

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