Clearing and Fowarding Essay

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EAC CU 007


Course Description
Explains and introduces trainees to: • Freight Forwarding services • Documents and documentation of import and export • Key legal rights, duties and responsibilities of a forwarder • Internal and external organisational environment • Forwarder relations to other parties

• Warehousing, packaging and packing • Handling of dangerous goods • Cargo clearance procedures at the front office • Documentation and carriage of goods under the various transport modes • Computation of freight rates

Course Objectives
At the end of the course the trainees must be able to: • Identify the scope of clearing and forwarding, the field environment including rights, duties
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loading,unloading,customs brokerage,storage,local transport services • No standard definition of a freight forwarder

• Prof Alan E.Branch defines, “ An entity /company responsible for undertaking export/import cargo arrangements on clients/shippers behalf at a seaport, airport and so on. At seaport it would include collection of freight; collection and issuing bills of lading; notification of arrival and loading of goods;customs,import & export documentation; certificates of shipment; arranging sorting of cargo, cold storage,warehousing,transport to destination including near continent; cargo or damage surveys; Lloyd's/marine agents surveys and so on. Also termed as forwarding agent.”

ii) Freight Forwarder’s role in International trade • Provides strategic solutions of long distance product sourcing and movement • Provides capabilities interfaced across a range of different transport modes • Offers supply chain management solutions • Delivery and customs clearance • Cargo handling and distribution management • Intermodal transport services • Consultancy/advisory services on international trade

• Mega forwarders have increasingly enhanced their role by adapting to changing global logistics scene and investing

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