Cleanliness At Godliness : Cleanliness Essay

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Cleanliness Next To Godliness
The average North American family completes approximately 300 loads of laundry and 110 loads of dishes per year. Asides from the millions of gallons of water that is used for the purpose of cleaning our clothes, sheets, and dishes regularly, one of the greatest concerns are the negative impacts of chemicals associated with our cleaning. Amongst several potentially harmful cleaning products in our households, one of the most commonly used for brightening, whitening and sanitizing our garments and utensils are detergents.
5% of the entireties of phosphates mined worldwide are used in detergents; the predominant substance in Sodium tripolyphosphate aka detergent is the inorganic chemical phosphate. From domestic to industrial to heavy-duty use, this key ingredient plays a major role in modern detergents. STTP is highly effective as a cleanser because of its pragmatic properties. SSTP is a builder which aids in removing calcium and magnesium ions from hard water (water which contains various minerals), soils and dirt. These presented ions tend to create deposits on clothes and washing machines, although as a result of using phosphates, the reaction with the salts allows for the creation of compounds which do not precipitate and eliminate the unwanted deposits. Additionally, because the ions can be easily rehabilitated from the chemical reactions, surfactants (a lubricant which eases the tension between water and the oils/dirt) can be lowered in…

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