Cleaning Up The Neighborhood By Sandra Juanita Nailing Essay example

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“We have to clean up our neighborhood, too much trouble prevail. You can hear foul language, you can hear people yell. We have to clean up our neighborhood, violence is all around. So many are fighting being knocked to the ground.” These are words from a poet by Sandra Juanita Nailing entitled “Cleaning up the Neighborhood”. She gives a detailed describtion about her neighborhood, and how it is full of violence and there needs to be a change. Which is true, the changes she includes is segregation against ethic groups, politics ignoring the cries of the community, and violence plaguing the streets, in many Chicago neighborhoods.
One neighborhood in particular is the Back of the Yards. The back of the Yards is located on the Southside of Chicago within the community area of New City. The neighborhood extends from 39th to 55th between Halsted and along the railroad tracks to Leavitt. Within the last hundred years the Back of the Yards has faced continuous challenges from poverty, gang violence and drugs. In order to know when and understand why all these changes occurred we must first understand how the City of Chicago became what it is today. Wilson 2
As of today, Chicago has become a very global city thriving in international trade and commerce as well as tourist attraction. The city originally was inhabited by the Potawatomi Native Americans. Chicago, IL is the largest city in the Midwest and was founded in 1837 by a fur trapper named John Baptiste Point Du…

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