Essay on Clean Eating, Healthy Eating And Unhealthy Food

1292 Words Mar 10th, 2016 null Page
Clean eating, healthy eating, or dieting. Whatever name people want to give it, one fact the majority of people can not deny is that they do not do it. The reason more people do not take more of an advantage of this disease treating or curing, all around beneficial lifestyle is unknown. Mary Woodbury Hooper reveals statistics about obesity in her article “Weight Management.” Hooper writes “According to data from the World Health Organization, approximately 13 percent of the world’s adult population was obese and 39 percent were overweight in 2014.” With numbers like this, it would be assumed that more people would have a desire to live healthier lives by, first, eating healthier, more nutritious foods. This is not the case, though. Americans still continue to eat fast food and unhealthy food with no thought about the consequences it may bring later in life. In addition to eating healthy, living a healthy lifestyle requires exercise. Jenifer Goodwin, in her article “With Long Term Exercise, Being 80 is Just a Number,” shows how long term exercise has short and long term benefits. Goodwin writes, “Along with a healthy diet, staying mentally active and socially engaged, exercise is emerging as one of the key ways of starving off chronic diseases and, in general, staying healthier in old age.” If experts recommend diet and exercise for better health and people know it works, living a healthy lifestyle should be more of a priority to people than it is now. As I previously…

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