Clean Eating : A Dangerous Trend? Essay

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Clean Eating: A Dangerous Trend?
“Food becomes the source of evil, but also our salvation: it enables us to feel more in control, to tell ourselves if we only eat these things, not other things, we won’t die.”
Clean Eating is a mainstream phenomenon that has over 23,894,748 posts on Instagram under the tag ‘clean eating’. A trend completely different to the standard healthy eating, that has recently exploded and is becoming increasingly popular due to its endorsement by some of the most influential lifestyle bloggers appears at first to be completely harmless. However, could this new trend have an uglier truth? Simply put, it appears so. Clean eating can prove to be extremely dangerous both mentally and physically. Today, social media sites are at their peak point with over 800 million unique users logging into YouTube each month , and with over 400 million users on Instagram . Social media provides us with opportunities and access to markets and gives us the opportunity to connect with people we once would have never been aware of. With social medias mass popularity that is continuing to grow, we are influenced on a daily basis by ‘social media stars’ that we idolise to be like. Clean eating is heavily endorsed online and thus making clean eating even more of a dangerous trend.
Clean Eating, as defined by The Clean Eating Team is ‘consuming food the natural way it is delivered or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to food and its…

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