Clean Eating A Clean Diet Essay

1188 Words Apr 24th, 2016 null Page
Like many people, I shy away from things that are different from my normal activities and routine. However, Clean eating has been on my mind for the past year. Clean eating is the process of eating nutritionist food that is natural. Natural, in this case means free of any added sugar, salt, removing germ, and not made in a lavatory. Clean eating was the exact opposite of the way I have always eaten. Normally, I would eat fast food or fried foods about five times a week. Clean eating was appealing to me because my friends had previously educated me on how eating a clean diet was healthy. They also mentioned all the effects it has on the body. The SSD project was a great way to give clean eating a trial run, without being afraid to fail, so I gave it all I had.

In phase one, I continued to eat fried food and take out during the three-week period. I absolutely love food and I hate wasting it, so often, I would over-eat. Every night I would set my alarm for 6:30AM and I would set two additional alarms after that. One at 7:00AM and the last at 7:15AM. By 7:30AM I would bring my son to school so there was no sleeping-in regardless of how I felt. Morning after morning, I would feel bloated from dinner the previous day and groggy from not getting a full night’s rest. Although, I generally sleep from 10:30pm to 7:15AM it never seemed like enough. Throughout the day I often felt like my brain was on over load and I couldn’t possibly function or concentrate after 8pm. Although, I…

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