Claudius's Use Of Sufferation In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Register to read the introduction… 107) by creating the sense that Claudius feels as though he is dying over and over again he attempts to evoke sympathy from the audience. The audience is clearly aware however that Claudius is the cause of his own pain and troubles and will offer him no sympathy. The modern audience is less familiar with the events and feelings that led Claudius kill King Hamlet. Although the desire for power and authority exists in modern laws, government intervention and the media deter leaders from killing for personal gain. Not only will a modern audience not be able to relate to the series of events, as law abiding citizens, they would expect justice to be served regardless of how remorseful Claudius may seem. The effect of his draw for sympathy will be lost on the modern day audience. They may in fact like him even less for expecting sympathy after causing so many problems for Hamlet and the people of

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