Claudius Character Analysis

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7. Which character do you trust the least in the play and why? The character I believe to be the least trust- worthy is Claudius as he lacks sympathy and guilt in his nature. He murders his own brother, King Hamlet, so that he can take his place as a king. Claudius is explained to have "stole with juice of cursed hebenon in a vial, and in the porches of my ears did pour the leperous distilment, whose effect holds such an enmity with blood of man" (Ham, 1.5.61-65) He manages to expand his "foul, strange and unnatural" (Ham, 1.5.28) crimes he has previously committed. He uses his "power so to seduce [to] [win] to his shameful lust the will of his most seeming-virtuous queen."(Ham, 1.5.44) On top of this, he betrays his queen by plotting to kill his wife 's son. He fuels Laeretes ' anger by asking if "[his] father was dear to him" (Ham, 4.7.108) He then proceeds to plan an …show more content…
There is an interesting balance between Hamlet 's passive- aggressive threats to Claudius, in which Claudius ignores in return. For example, Claudius attempts to play the role of an ideal father, and asks Hamlet "How is it that the clouds still hang on you?" (Ham, 1.2.67) Not swayed by this act of false kindness, Hamlet replies with a sarcastic "Not so, my lord. I am too much i ' the sun." (Ham, 1.2.68) Hamlet 's intelligent yet aggressive responses add tension as these work as hints for the King to realize the extent of Hamlet 's knowledge on the murder. The most outstanding example of Hamlet 's rebellion towards Claudius would be the play "The Murder of Gonzago" Hamlet organizes. There is an undeniable tension in the scene as Hamlet is carefully inspecting the king 's reaction towards the play to know if he truly is the victim. As for the king, he adds to the tension by failing to remain calm. He stops the play, and struggles to keep his cover, as acting guilty will surely get him

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