Claudio Palestrina And The Renaissance Era

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Register to read the introduction… Palestrina devoted his life to write music for the Catholic Church. He worked most of his life in Rome, and at one point held the position of music director for St. Peter’s. During the 1500s, the Protestant church was beginning to question and challenge the Catholic Church. This caused a challenge of church music, which many believed had lost its purity. People were becoming tired of the theatrical music in the church and desired more spiritual, easy to understand, music. This can be reflected in Palestrina’s music and his emphasis on more spiritual music. His music has been regarded as a model for church music for centuries because of its otherworldly quality and calmness. Palestrina wrote a total of 104 masses as well as 450 other sacred works. Claudio Monteverdi was an Italian composer during the late Renaissance era, and he was one of the most important developers of the genre, opera. Monteverdi wrote church music and madrigals in his earlier years, producing religious and secular music books in his teen years. He later printed two madrigal books in 1587 and 1590, both of which are filled with excellent works with a more modern approach than many of his colleagues. Monteverdi wrote his first Opera, Orfeo, which was performed in 1607, finally gave hime the recognition he deserved on a larger …show more content…
Ballets and Operas provided a gateway into a new art form that is still prominent in the world today. Court dances were the first real widely accepted forms of social dancing and, in a way, are the basis on which modern line dances are founded upon. If it were not for Renaissance court dances we would not be doing the boot scoot and boogie or the cupid shuffle at our high school prom.

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