Classroom Vs. Classroom Instruction Essay

735 Words Dec 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Every teacher knows that the students that enter their classrooms come from different homes, raised with different values, and possess different learning styles. In an attempt to reach every student within the classroom, differentiated classroom instruction is in need. This can be a complicated process, especially given the time constraints that many teachers are under- to present as much information to their students are possible and hope that the information sticks (Bergmann & Sams, 2012). In an age where students are surrounded by technology at every turn, there is a need for some teachers to make their classroom time meaningful again. John Gunyou once wrote that he flipped his classroom in an attempt to reach more students and to remain relevant- even if it was only within his own classroom (I Flipped My Classroom: One Teacher’s Quest to Remain Relevant, p. 14). Gunyou continued in his article that he needed to make serious changes in regards to his teaching methods: “a full heart and brain transplant,” (p. 14). In order to become relevant in the current age of education that requires getting onto the student’s level and deliver instruction in an alternative way: digital education through a flipped classroom. It is important to remember that instruction cannot be delivered strictly online, there must be instruction within the classroom as well. Gunyou agrees in his article stating: Online platforms are most successfully integrated when…

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