Classroom Technology Research Paper

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In recent generations, people of all ages have experienced a tremendous amount of exceptional advances in technology. A multitude of educators and scholars are against implementing the use of technology in the classroom. However, technologies impact on students’ is vital to the way they learn and grow. Technology is a vital asset that is used to benefit students by allowing them to become involved in their studies, allowing them to interact in group work with the students in the classroom, and allowing them to be up-to-date on breaking situations as they happen, all from the comfort of the classroom. Getting students involved is a key asset that allows them to be able to work efficiently with others and helps them further their knowledge …show more content…
For example, back in September of 2001, a time that few can forget when the United States had the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon. For those old enough to remember, it has left a memory etched into the back of their head; most being able to remember it as if it occurred yesterday. With the use of the internet newly prospering, those resources were available for people to obtain easily and hear minute by minute updates. With technology being authorized for use in the classroom, students in this day in time can also experience what those experienced on such a tragic day fourteen years ago. Students, parents, and teachers also rely on technology during times of inclement weather in their area. When the Meteorologists are predicting snow in the near future, students often receive a wave of excitement that shoots throughout their entire body like firecrackers in hopes of a possible snow day. With technology, people can be alerted as soon as possible of a possible closing or delay that may occur in order to maintain student’s safety. With information updated and broadcasted as it happens, it may feel as if one is literally experiencing the event firsthand rather than just through the screen of a computer, tablet, or smart phone. In conclusion, technology is vital for students and teachers. With the use of technology in the classroom, students are able to become involved, learn leadership and study skills needed for the workforce, and insure that they are up-to-date with current events and issues in progress at that exact moment. Technology is a necessary component of the world as it is known, without technology in the classroom, one could only imagine how behind and non-advanced the world would be

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