Essay about Classroom Observation : Ps.18 Park Terrace

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The school in which I am currently doing my classroom observation is PS.18 Park Terrace. PS.18 Park Terrace is a public school located at 4129 9th Ave New York, NY 10034. For this particular assignment I have chosen to observe a first grade class. The total number of students in this class is 24, of whom 11 are males and 13 are females. As of right now Ms. Diaz is the acting head teacher though she is initially a Kindergarten teacher. Additionally there is Ms. Warm, who is a student teacher. Because 97% of the student population is Hispanic the school offers dual language classes in both English and Spanish. With regards to special education, the students with an Individualized Education Program (IEPs) are pulled out of class during the course of the day and are taken to a segregated class taught by an IEP teacher.
As mentioned previously, there is academic tracking, which refers to the segregation that happens, when the students with IEPs are pulled out and taken to another classroom. Furthermore, with regards to academic support, most of the students either fall within a spectrum that does not need or require accommodations with the expectation of those with IEPs. From observations in the class and conversations with the teacher there are no students who are gifted leaners and require greater challenges. There are also no students who are considered English as a New Language (ENL), though many of them are bilingual students. Ms. Diaz mentions two students in particular…

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