Classroom Observation Paper

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For this assignment, I interviewed a general education second-grade teacher, and a special education teacher at Hammond elementary School. After completing the interviews I was able to understand more about inclusion. I was also able to observe the second grade classroom at two different times. The first observation was before the interviews. And the second observation was during instruction. At these times I was able to pay particular attention on how the teachers used their strategy for co-teaching in an inclusion classroom. Furthermore I was able to review the IEPs of two students in the second grade classroom.

The school I did my observations is Hammond Elementary School is the elementary school I chose to complete my educational field
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The first year of teaching in the inclusion classroom has been really good according to the general education teacher. She shared that it has been possible and a wonderful experience thanks to the inclusion teacher helping her. Also the general education teacher shared that is crucial to design a physical environment to accommodate student’s needs, in order for them to achieve learning. She shared she differentiated instruction during reading and writing most of the time. And she uses graphic organizers, reading at their level, and gradual modeling. The host teacher also shared the importance of allowing the students to think, and to work with each other. She also shared that inclusion classrooms have been successful, thanks to having the physical environment ready for all the students, in addition with the collaboration among her and the inclusion teacher. Furthermore, she said that her role during the IEP meetings is crucial, because she can share her input, for what is more beneficiary for the student. For example, the time the student may need out of the classroom, or how the students are …show more content…
Her total roster is about 13 students; 12 boys and 1 girl all Hispanic. Her teaching philosophy is that, is important to have positive relationship with the general education teacher in order for inclusion to be successful. She also shared that is important to collaborate, and be willing to share concerns. She feels very comfortable teaching special needs students. Her biggest challenge is finding time to collaborate. She has a lot to say for the IEPs, and based on the IEPs she determined accommodations and modifications. She believes inclusion is possible, because the students have the opportunity to staying with their peers, so they can get confidence. Her role in the IEP meeting is to discuss the students’ progress, discuss academically and behavior progress and to set goals. She also shared that she collaborates a lot with the genral education teacher, by email, txt or

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