Classroom Management Essay

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Task 1

Look at Ur’s list of patterns of interaction below. Decide whether each interaction is either more student-centred or more teacher-centred. Justify your answers.

Group work --> more student-centred: students work in small groups on tasks that entail interaction: conveying information, or group decision-making. The teacher intervenes little.

Closed-ended teacher questioning --> more teacher-centred: the teacher asks questions the students and can be used for clarifiying facts, verifying information already given or controlling a conversation.

Individual work --> more student-centred: the teacher gives a task or set of tasks, and students work on them independently; the teacher walks around monitoring
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Another advantage of such correction is that the student sees these comments when the writing experience is still fresh in his mind.

2. Students are discussing the question of pollution in small groups.5. Students are giving the answer to a listening comprehension exercise in class feedback. 7. Students are giving the teacher examples of the target structure ´used to´ and the teacher is writing these examples on the board.
The correction of an error can be immediate and delayed. In the case of the delayed correction a teacher should wait until the student has finished speaking, reading or writing and make a note of the mistakes that he hears; whether they are pronunciation, grammatical or lexical; then a teacher should return quickly to the error to ensure correct usage. In this case it is very important to choose an appropriate time to correct. So, after having collected a selection of students’ errors a teacher should stop the activity for example for writing a selection of the mistakes on the board and in order to ask students to correct them. 3. Students are debating on the rights of women in an open class focus. 4. Students are discussing a role-playing a public meeting after reading a text, and are preparing their side of the argument.
In case students are working in pairs and a teacher has a left over student, this teacher may be given the role of an assistant teacher. During these activities students can make notes of mistakes they hear and

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