Classroom Management Tricks : Timers And Tools Essay

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when you want to give your students a break you can use them to get their attention. In the article “Classroom management tricks: timers and a tool to control noise can help make the most of the school day” by Richard Bryne, he states that “Count down timers can keep these breaks from stretching on for too long (para 2). Giving the students a break when you have a lot to teach will also help their learning. However, it is also important to be sure the teacher does not give too much time away from the learning.
After stating rules for the classroom it is also important to enforce the consequences for bad behavior. As a first grade teacher it is almost certain that the teacher will be distrusted by a student every so often. If a student develops a habit of interrupting the teaching at any given time the teacher must have rules in place that will teach the students when it is ok and when it is not ok to interrupt. You should have little to no tolerance for bad behavior in the classroom so the students develop good habits for future classrooms. The teacher must first establish a nonverbal sign such as, giving the student eye contact when they are off task. The teacher must not stop the lesson, but simply the acknowledgement to off task student. If the student continues, you can use your proximity in the classroom. For example, if the student sits in a corner of the room and they are chatting with a fellow student, simply walk closer to that side of the room. In the article…

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