Essay on Classroom Management Is It Is Not Classroom

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Classroom management is detrimental to a teacher’s success in teaching. It is essential that a teacher institutes strong classroom management to promote a “positive learning environment”. It is important to note that classroom management is so much more than just behavior management. Classroom management encompasses so much more then behavior. Behavioral issues are usually the result of flaws in classroom management. Classroom management can also influence such things as: positive relationships, cooperation, purposeful learning, productivity, etc.
How do you have good classroom management? The answer to this is in the question and that is “management”, it is not classroom control or classroom dictation. A teacher’s job is to create a framework and/or classroom that promotes purposeful learning. When children are learning or doing their “job”, they are being productive, forming relationships with teacher/peers, and overall having a “purposeful” experience.
A Teacher’s framework can start even before students walk into the classroom. Successful classroom management can be accomplished by simply arranging classrooms space and furniture in a manner that promotes learning and minimizes distraction. As a substitute, I know how my day will be by simply entering a classroom. Crazy, but true. Classrooms that are cluttered, offer too many seating options (beanbags, lawn chairs, folding chairs, etc.), utilizes informal rules and procedures tend to have students who…

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