Classroom Management Is Important For Success Essay

1087 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
Classroom management is vital to success. Every teacher has their own way of teaching, but there is more than one way to teach. As a future educator, I will find a variety of strategies that will assist me in overcoming the challenge that class management poses. The first management style I plan to teach is Authoritative approach. I will have a kind, positive, and supportive relationship with my students, but they will know when I “mean business”. Because I plan to have an effective discipline plan and my classroom will be orderly, I believe my students will trust and respect me. By explaining the rationale for the classroom routines and adjusting those routines my students will demonstrate the ability to govern themselves appropriately. The second management plan I plan to teach is Instructional approach. I believe this style will fit my teaching because I want to assist my students to learn more and achieve deeper understanding of the curriculum content. As a future educator, I will establish classroom routines that my students will follow. Classroom routines are important because it will save time and students will learn responsibility. By having well executed rules I will get rid of distractions that interfere with learning and fewer behavior problems. I also think using motivation techniques are important in all classrooms. If students are not motivated then they will not learn effectively. Students will not be able to retain any information, participate, or may…

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