Classroom Management Is Important For Students Essay

1131 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
The ten given tips mentioned in the video all seemed to be very effective ones to implement in the classroom if done correctly. Classroom management is crucial, and can definitely make a difference in-between a well ran room and a chaotic classroom. The first tip mentioned was beginning the year tough. I definitely believe teachers have to set the stage of what is expected and stand their ground to instill the procedures and expectations into the students, but this should also not be taken to extreme measures where students are uncomfortable or scared to be in the class. Also, it’s easier for the teacher to set certain procedures such as bathroom signals, attention grabbers, or classroom rules at the beginning of the year so the students know what is expected and it helps the class run smoother. The second tip suggested was being fair. This is definitely something teachers may struggle with, but must avoid treating students differently. Although there will be students that are always well behaved that teachers will appreciate, they cannot show favoritism towards them. Other students will notice and not only will this make them feel less important but it could also cause more problems due to them acting out for that same attention from the teacher. Teachers should try to avoid allowing the same well behaved student pass out paper or do errands, and try to use that as an incentive so more students will follow that same behavior. The third tip definitely is something teachers…

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