Classroom Management Is An Important Part Of Any Learning Environment For Students Within A Classroom Setting

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Classroom management is an important part of any learning environment for students within a classroom setting. In this current age, teachers have the responsibilities of creating classroom management systems that communicate information to the students in the learning process. A class setting requires the teacher to take full responsibility in guiding student’s actions while instituting learning. Content of the learning will be approached by students differently depending on the environment cultivated by the teacher. There should be a correlation between instructional activities and management to reinforce the nature of a class environment and curriculum.

Analysis of Case Study 1
This study reveals a class setting of 20 students with great academic and social skills levels. It is evident from the teacher that some of the students are good in some areas while other are slow in grasping knowledge. In the class setting, there are some problems that are connected to conduct, that distract learning. In this case, Sarah has a problem sitting and constantly wonders around the class thus distracting the class. Other students seem to buy her character and in turn also wonder around the classroom. In this case, Sarah’s conduct seems to destruct other students and also causes them to follow his trend. According to Sayeski and Brown, the antecedent for this behavior may be caused by the classroom space, organization, and arrangement. Seyeski and Brown argue that though…

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