Essay about Classroom Management For Academic Success

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In addition to being a passionate teacher, a key to an overall successful classroom is to build trusting relationships between the teacher and student which relates to the environment that has been established at Heir Force Community School. In the book, Classroom Management for Academic Success, the author Lee Canter describes several strategies that build trust with students to provide a successful learning environment. For instance, Canter believes that a teacher needs to get to know their students in order for them to trust the teacher. In every classroom there are, on average, about 25-30 students each with different backgrounds. For a teacher it is beneficial to have a full understanding of a student’s like and dislikes and any issues they may possess (Canter 91-92). Therefore, understanding more about a student can grow a stronger relationship of trust.
In addition to knowing the background of the students, it is also beneficial that the students know background information about the teacher for trust to be earned. Students will begin to relate to their teachers when they can open up about what is happening in their own life, and admitting to their own mistakes. In fact, students will view their teachers as a person rather than just someone who is there to teach them the required curriculum. This doesn’t mean that the teacher becomes their friend, but it should be a teacher’s goal to sympathize with their students. For example, there will be several…

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