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Classroom Management & Discipline
Emily Rickertsen
EIS 450G: Classroom Management
Dr. Georg Gunzenhauser
Fall 2014

Classroom Management Related to Discipline
Teacher-Student Relationship Student-teacher relationship is a vital role in managing a classroom and discipline. As a teacher, being able to connect with students is a key to academic instructional success; students are more likely to show respect to a teacher if that teacher has a connection with the students. Every teacher is bound to encounter a time when discipline must be used in some way. How is this discipline going to affect the student-teacher relationship? Jong, Mainhard, Tartwijk, Veldman, Verloop, & Wubbels (2013) explored how student-teachers
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Lennon (2009) suggests a proactive approach to classroom management, rather than putting focus on strict rules to guide students’ behaviors, Lennon puts focus on the planning and instruction for “the creation a warm, nurturing environment” (2009, p. 7). Lennon emphasizes that students should feel comfortable approaching the teacher and that the communication between teacher and students must be “genuine and truthful” (2009, p. 6). While a classroom where openness and nurturing will allow for most students to learn and feel comfortable, it also seems to lack structure. I believe a balance between Logan’s (2003) rigid, strict, and openly communicated rules and Lennon’s (2009) open, nurturing classroom and empathetic teacher is what can make for an opportune classroom setting. This would allow for student to understand their expectations and the rules of the classroom, while feeling comfortable with the teacher, understanding that the teacher is there to help the students to learn and grow as young people.
Gartrell (2000) proposes yet another style of classroom management, outlining 12 steps to moving from a discipline viewpoint on classroom management to a guidance viewpoint. As a future school counselor, this perspective holds similar values to my own. Gartrell

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