Classroom Management At Indiana University Essays

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Classroom management is one of the most important aspects of teaching, especially as a new teacher. The teacher must develop a classroom that first and for most respects all the students, supports a healthy classroom community, and teaches the state mandated standards. This can be a lot walking into a classroom for the first time, especially with only 12 weeks of student teaching under your belt. I would argue that this is even impossible to do as a novice teacher with only a few weeks of experience. Classroom management takes much more time than this. Lucky for me, the Community of Teachers program at Indiana University has allowed me to be in the same classroom every week for 5 semesters once a week, and full time student teaching for 14 weeks this past semester. This has allowed me to have plenty of experience fully in charge of the classroom, and gather plenty of evidence for what I feel helps to create this loving classroom environment.
Classroom management starts before students walk into the classroom. The teacher must prepare for this as soon as they are hired into their position. The best way to begin good classroom management from the very first steps is within a classroom syllabus. As my first piece of evidence, I would like to present Mr. Uhls’ classroom syllabus for Pre-Calculus. A classroom syllabus is used to quickly and concisely state what information the teacher feels is most important to know for their classroom. If you open Uhls’ class syllabus, you will…

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