Classroom Management And School Discipline Essay

1036 Words Nov 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Disciplining children is important to create a secure and enjoyed learning environment. This issue hits home for students with learning and attention issues therefore these students often struggle with behavior. Schools should have more attention on emphasizing in disciplining bullies. Discipline requires comprehension, ability, understanding and self-confidence;” like any art, it is something that will acquire through training and experience it becomes easier with practice” (Gutierrez). Many people confuse discipline with classroom management; discipline is one feature of classroom management and classroom management is a common term. School discipline involves with the appliance to control behavior. Too much and too strict a discipline and rigid rules can stilt the development of individuality and to put a stop to the mental develop of children can be one statement if that is what you feel about it.
Students are unusual and always searching for a meaning. Classes with features, that fail to involve students enough, are too challenging or are very much information heavy, will not satisfy students interest or needs for true mental stimulation. Going back to the thesis the research tells furthermore about school discipline. The article, adds that the number of students of color who are suspended and expelled, the consequences are in zero tolerance policies. The number of school cultures that are created had called it the “school-to-prison pipeline” (Gutierrez). Although,…

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