Classroom Management : An Effective Teacher Essays

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An effective teacher is one who knows that the work she does preparing classroom routines and procedures at the start of the school year will mean less class time devoted to handling disciple problems as the school year progresses. Classroom management is one of the most important aspects of a successful year for both the teacher and the students. Classroom management needs to begin before school even starts. The teacher needs to spend some time before the school term begins to decide what routines will aid in her class functioning smoothly. Once she has determined what routines are needed, she can then design step by step procedures that will make that routine become a habit for her and her students. Proper classroom management strategies will ensure that students are learning from the moment they walk into the classroom on day one, until they leave the classroom on the last day of school. Classroom management needs to begin in the classroom on day one. While it may seem counterproductive to take up the first week of school doing little more than practicing how to turn in papers, enter the room or hang up your coat the fact is in the long run it will create a classroom culture that is more conducive to learning. Most students want to learn and want to do what is expected of them. If a classroom is running around lost that is the failure of the teacher, and not the failure of the students. According to the authors of “The First Days of School”, Harry Wong and Rosemary…

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