Essay On Special Education Observation

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When I started this observation 10 weeks ago I was so excited with the time I was going to spend with the 3rd grade class at Lincoln Elementary School. As I am thinking back on the last 10 weeks I can’t believe that it is over. Going to observe was what I looked forward to each week. It was a great experience my cooperating teacher, Ms. Greene did a great job of making sure that I was involved in the classroom while I was there. Ms. Greene had me work with small groups of students on various task which included flashcards and telling time. It was very rewarding for me to come back each week and see how much the students improved on a particular topic from the previous week when I was there. Ms. Greene does a great job of making sure that the …show more content…
Ms. Greene would pick the partners one time for the students and then they next time it would be their turn to pick their partners. By doing this it gives the students the ability to pick their partners so that they don’t get burned out by the teacher picking them all of the time. This experience didn’t change how I viewed teaching it only reinforced my beliefs about it. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing a different style of teaching then I am used to seeing. After Ms. Greene completed a task I would often ask her why she did it that way. I liked doing this because it often provided me a different way to see how a task could be completed. During this experience it helped reinforce that becoming a teacher is what I want to with my life. After my last time observing I was really sad that I wasn’t going to get to see these students every week. Before I left the students gave me a big group hug and I had to try hard not to cry. In those short 10 weeks I became so attached to those students. My personal goal for myself it that I am not afraid to ask questions, because asking questions and hearing a wide range of view on how to complete a task will only help me to form my own opinion on how to do

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