Classmate Interview Research Paper

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When you meet someone for the first time, all you know is their name and a few things about them. You don’t know much about the person, and what they’ve been through. Just like a puzzle, you only have bits of information, but not the whole picture. However, once you get to know that person even more, you learn about their life story and what their true identity is. At first, you barely knew each other, but after multiple conversations with that person, you finally uncovered all the missing pieces of the puzzle. This is exactly what happened while I was interviewing Margaret, my fellow classmate. Margaret O’Dea is a 13-year-old girl who currently lives in the neighborhood of Marine Park in Brooklyn. She was born in China on November 13, 2001, but exactly where she was born is unknown. Margaret is an only child, but she is content with having no siblings. Her family is athletic and competitive, but jovial nonetheless. They have influenced Margaret greatly, which is why she has no specific role model. She loves and cherishes her family, and her greatest fear is not having a family when she grows up. Margaret then told me about her favorite things and her likes and dislikes. Her favorite color is lavender, and her favorite snack is butter popcorn. Margaret’s favorite TV show is Once Upon a Time, and she is …show more content…
Margaret aspires to become a fashion designer, because she likes to be creative. She would rather add more details to something plain and dull instead of creating something from scratch. She said that her most traumatic experience was having to get stitches after a broken glass jar cut her hand in 3rd Grade. To conclude the interview, I asked Margaret what lessons she believed in and why. She noticed that people try to fit in with a certain group, because they’re afraid to show who they truly are. She said that people should embrace their true identity no matter

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