Essay on Classification Of Bosses And Supervisors

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Classification of Bosses/Supervisors
Almost everyone that has worked for a living has one distinct variable in common. That variable is a boss or supervisor. I use the term variable because bosses have many different strategies and personalities. A key component to getting along with the person in charge is to be reliable, accurate, and someone who the boss knows he or she can go to in order to get the job done. I have identified 7 different classifications of bosses as outlined in The Hindustan Times. The types of bosses are: workaholic, old fashioned, indecisive, grumpy, perfect, invisible, and your shadow (7 types of bosses 2015).
The workaholic boss is the most common type of superior of all the classifications. They show up to work every day regardless of what illness or problem at home they bring with them. They will arrive early and stay late. It is impossible to match their energy level to accomplish tasks (7 types of bosses 2015). Many times, they will feel that their subordinates are slacking off for not being as efficient as they are.
I would classify the “old fashioned” or “stuck in the past” boss as the next likely type of leader that will be encountered. They frequently use the term “that is the way we have always done it.” Typically, they have been with the company for quite some time and have amassed a great deal of experience. Unfortunately, they are afraid of change and don’t like to implement new technologies or procedures.

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